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Chelsea Burns is an impact investor with a decade of experience in the water and energy efficiency space. Climatetech, fintech and gender lens investing are the leading themes behind her investment thesis. She is a member of Pipeline Angels, whose mission is to teach women and non-binary femmes how to become better angel investors. It challenges the traditional norms of angel investing: from the people who traditionally invest to the entrepreneurs that traditionally receive capital. Its goal is to build a network of female and non-binary femme investors that will distribute capital for female and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs. 

Chelsea is passionate about estate planning. In particular, she works to create space for young people to start discussing wealth transfer with their loved ones, understand the responsibility that comes with managing their new wealth, and make impactful investments moving forward. 

In addition to investing, Chelsea is an avid rock climber. She is the founder of Escaladora Ventures and part owner of Pura Roca, an indoor climbing gym in San Pedro, Costa Rica. She loves traveling the world and scaling big walls with friends. She holds dual BAs in International Relations and Anthropology and dual MAs in International Relations and Natural Resources & Sustainable Development. Currently she lives in Seattle, WA with her dog Rusty.

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